Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meet report: Mandy & Rachel Feldman, WNPF Nationals

by Mandy (and Rachel) Feldman

This weekend we had a great time in Bordentown for the meet. Weigh -ins were quick and it wasn’t too long of a wait to hear the rules and start warming up. All of our warm ups for all of our lifts felt great. Here’s what our lifts in the competition looked like.

Mandy (14 years old)


Opener- 325 was a light and easy weight for me, knowing that I could triple it at least
2nd attempt – still felt good. I wanted to beat my last attempt in my last meet, 358, so I went to 360. It came up with a little struggle, but I still had some room.
Last attempt- 370 was my last attempt. Didn’t want to go too crazy on the weight. It came up a little slower than 360 but still came up nonetheless.


Opener- 175. Got it up easy without any problems
2nd attempt- 190 got up but I had to push a bit to get it up
Last attempt- Missed 200 but not by much. It was just a little too heavy


Opener- No difficulty whatsoever. 325 was a breeze
2nd attempt – 365 got up pretty easy. Felt good about going to 385
Last attempt- 385 came up with no problems. I had to pull hard to get it up, but it was a no lift, because they said I “hitched” it

*Final Total: 925

Mandy's Second attempt 365.

Rachel (12 years old)


Opener- 165 looked and felt great
2nd attempt – The bar felt good on my back and I got up 185 without a problem
Last attempt- Mandy had told me to go to 205 (John was still battling traffic) but instead I went to 200, because the most I had ever squatted was 195 so I was sort of cautious, but I am happy because it was still a personal best.


Opener- 75 felt good, like a weight I could do work sets with
2nd attempt- 90 got up but I had to push hard
Last attempt- I missed 100. The judge had the spotters get the bar because I was pushing on it for too long without it going anywhere


Opener- Pulled 175 up easy, but got red lighted for my left leg stepping back while the bar was coming up
2nd attempt –195 felt good, but I was really worn out from everything else. Came up but it was tough
Last attempt- 210 came up as well, but at the end of the day I was beat. I pulled it up, but it felt heavy

*Final Total: 500

Rachel setting up her third attempt Deadlift (210). She has pulled 215 for sets of five in training, so we knew this lift was a lock for her.

This weekend was a great experience for Rachel and I. It was cool competing in a different federation and knowing that I set a state record because none had previously been set and that Rachel came and in her first meet ever set state and national records. Watching both of us get stronger and continue winning is going to be a very cool experience. I’d like to thank John and everyone at Greyskull for pushing Rachel and I to get stronger and excel in Powerlifting. We are grateful for the opportunity to compete and represent Greyskull and all of the hard work that John has done to make us strong, and all of the hard work we have put into getting strong. I encourage all of you to try competing in at least one Powerlifting meet just to experience what it’s like, because it is an amazing feeling going onto that platform and showcasing all of your hard work and training.